we manage your business online

 ~ Good quality is never cheap.
Cheap quality is never good.

We are not cheap.

Every business needs a reliable digital guru. We keep your business running perfectly online.
~ Good quality is never cheap. Cheap quality is never good. We are not cheap.

Notice to all customers: Effective January 1st, 2022 we will only be attending virtual meetings. Due to our current client base, we will only be accepting new clients if they do not compete with our current client base for territory, sales or interests. For those clients with video production agreements in place, we will still resume our regularly scheduled video shoots at remote filming locations.

What we do

We develop, manage and maintain websites. We manage large-scale commercial websites and small informal / sales websites. We design architectural models in 3D and assist with machine architecture and advanced graphic design creation in 3D.

Who we work with

We work with any current web developer as a virtual assistant to coding, management and bugfixing. We work with approvided clients on website management, maintenance and search engine optimization techniques.

What we don't do

We do not provide one-off websites without a minimum of a one-year website maintenance agreement in place. We do not create any website, graphic materials or video production without a one-year retainer in place. We do not accept hacking requests, jailbreaking or malicious practice requests. We will not do “black-hat” seo practices.

Who we don't work with

We will not work with any new client that could pose a potential conflict of interest with our current client base. This includes but is not limited to service area territory, same industry practices, or sales competition to our current client base. We reserve the right to reject any new client if they do not meet our strict standards of workflow.