About Us

Archi FX (Are~Key~FX~) was originally founded in 2005 as an architectural rendering and drafting firm. As the needs of our clients and the capabilities of the internet grew, we began to place our renderings on the web for presentation purposes. Soon, our clients were expressing their growing need for a firm that could develop their corporate websites and present them to their clients online. So, in 2007 we began the switch from a rendering and graphics firm to a full service web development firm.

The response was overwhelming when we became a web design firm. We were producing some of the best looking websites on the internet and were using techniques that were unheard of within the industry at the time. Our edge over other firms (in addition to being fluent in HTML, .PHP, .JS and .CSS), is our extensive background in graphic design and SEO. With these skills combined Archi FX was able to outperform the competition. Our outstanding results over the years, and our client’s continued happiness, have proven that we will continue to be one of the best web design firms in the Bay area.